Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This solution offers significant cost savings and flexibility. This technology is ideal for companies that have many branches spread in every area without seeing any geographical restrictions and the need for public services online and mobile.

Jabikha’s VPN solutions provide your business with a secure network connection over the Internet. Each VPN connection is encrypted to ensure that users are provided with secure connectivity to their organization. Our VPN services include web, client and point-to-point.


we can provide your business with a feature-rich and flexible site-to-site VPN solution. Our site-to-site VPN services integrate advanced network intelligence and routing to deliver reliable transport for your complex mission-critical communications traffic. Configured on a managed firewall, a point-to-point VPN can securely connect your business where scalable, full-time meshing for IPsec VPNs is required.


Remote or mobile users can establish encrypted VPN tunnels with the Cisco VPN Client for highly secure connectivity to your private IP network. The Cisco VPN client is compatible with most Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Solaris and can be used to connect with Our Managed Dedicated Firewall product or, alternatively, terminated on our Cisco VPN Access Concentrator.


For a simple clientless SSL VPN solution, Our Web VPN provides secure access to your private IP network. With Web VPN users can achieve secure SSL browser-based access to specific enterprise applications, including email and file sharing from any location, without needing to install VPN client software on your end-user devices.