We possesses unique expertise in developing enterprise-level solutions utilizing text messaging (SMS), GPS and bordering technologies. We produced applications for cell phones, GPRS modems, kiosks and have integrated with wireless operators and gateways.

In the modern application development world, developers are frequently faced with the need to link to another device that belongs to the user of their app, either for correspondence, or for confirmation.

With the mobile computing trend changing daily, and new devices coming on the market frequently, there is the need to settle on one homing location that you can count on finding your user- their mobile phone, where they installed your app in the first place! This has given rise to the integration of SMS APIs in mobile applications.

The number of reasons why you would want to integrate SMS messaging capabilities into your mobile app is also growing by the day, but already there are a good number of reasons developers should enable their mobile applications to send and receive SMS messages.

Value Added SMS:

We provide a number of off-the-shelf 2-way SMS Services, in order to cover the wide variety of needs for today’s mobile marketing campaigns. Although each service suits specific requirements, the open architecture of the platform allows new services to be added as well as the inter – communication with other platforms / technologies.

Who can use it and how?

  • Marketing Agencies,
  • Politicians,
  • Communities,
  • Radio/TV Stations,
  • Retail Shops / B2B Businesses
  • and anyone wishing to set up a direct communication channel with their customers.

SMS Broadcast ID:

This service allows you to broadcast mass SMS easily and quickly. The advantage is using a special ID for the identity of the sender. Thus, your SMS will be more credible.

SMS Gateway:

SMS Gateway is your bridge between the Internet and the world of cell phone SMS text messaging. We’ve taken care of all the complicated details and harnessed the sophisticated technology necessary to bring you a simple solution for sending SMS text messages from a web or desktop application.

Android Application:

The current technology trend is mobile application development services. We develop Android-based mobile services, especially for various purposes. Through this service then your information will be more interesting, dynamic, interactive and has a display that allows people to access it.