Smart System (Home and Business Security Systems) are designed to protect your home, business and family from intrusion disorders , gas leaks , fires , floods and other possibilities are inviting danger to you and those you love in your home.

Smart System (Home and Business Security Systems) using GSM and IP Based technology to be able to send information to the user in the form of SMS, Email and / or phone , can be set up to 5 numbers at once , and also uses wireless technology / without cable for connection between the sensors and the main unit ( Main Unit ) , so it will be easier for the user in terms of installation . To enable / disable ( ON / OFF ) , in addition to the manual with the remote or HP , can also be enabled by scheduled at certain hours only, can also activate only a few zones only, eg if you are sleeping in the house , of course, simply activate the sensor zone window or door sensors that will be activated instead of the kitchen or living room zone . This tool can also control other electrical appliances to be turned on or off by using SMS , or can also be set automatically if the alarm sounds.

With smart system is expected you get a Sense of Security , Peace of Mind and easy to protect your home and family.

This smart system can also be implemented in your office , warehouse , campus , and building.

The Smart System includes the first complete line of Plug and Play sensors for environment monitoring.  Sensors are available to door, power, heat and light  also measure humidity, temperature and presence of water. Creating a made-to-order monitoring system with smart system can preempt damage to equipment and facilities and also reduce costly system downtime and maintenance in mission-critical environments such as kiosks, ATMs, server rooms, warehouses and data centers.

The Smart System Manager software, included with each sensor, provides centralized device status, supports data logging to preserve historical information and enables the easy integration of multiple sensors without additional software development. For remote monitoring applications, Smart System Manager can provide alerts via email, sms and computer screen, or send an event trigger to an external application.

The application possibilities are almost endless. Monitor temperature and humidity levels in a server room, ATM Room, Shelter; detect the presence of water in an server room / ATM Room / Shelter, activities in an Server Room, Remote Restart an ATM Machine. For added flexibility, multiple Smart System  sensors may be configured, customized and remotely monitored on an IP network with Anywhere.

A smart solution that combines home and business security with automation and lets you manage, monitor and modify your home and security needs to fit your lifestyle.

PT. Jabikha Teknologi Indonesia makes device networking easy by developing products and technologies that are cost-effective and easy to use.

1. Door Sensor
2. Passive Infra Red / Motion Sensor
3. On / Off Electricity Device (Lamp, Curtain, Fan etc)
4. Smoke Sensor
5. Gas Sensor
6. Temperature and Humidity Sensor
7. Water Leak Sensor
8. Heat Sensor
9. Light Sensor
10 IP Camera System
11. Alarm System
12. Arm and Disarm
13. Re-start Device thru IP Base / SMS

Arm and disarm the system

Do you ever worry if the last person to leave the house/office remembered to activate the smart system? With just the press of a button on your smartphone, you can lock your doors, arm the security system or see who’s at your front door—from anywhere.

Receive alerts and custom notifications

Do you ever worry that something might happen at home while you’re away? This smart solution sends custom notifications about system activity by email or text message to your smartphone, tablet and/or computer. For example, know exactly when the kids arrived home safely, when carbon monoxide levels change or when the smoke detector goes off.

Life is better when you’re in control

Smart System automation lets you access your home/office easily and conveniently, and from anywhere — on the road, at your office or while on vacation.