A major challenge in today’s intricate telecommunications environment lies in ensuring that disparate network and system elements work together. Jabikha Innovations has a well-defined process to integrate and validate multi-technology and multivendor networks. Not only do we deliver networking and system solutions on time and within budget, but our ability to supply both equipment, network and system-build services helps customers surmount the challenges of time-to-deployment and resource limitations.

Our Network and Systems Integration service ensures seamless connectivity for all the nodes in your network and system, regardless of technology and in line with your plans, design, implementation, infrastructure management local area network, metropolitan area and wide area networks for midsize and large enterprises and operators.

Our consultants have a lot of experience with integration of disparate network, systems, tools, and business processes in companies of various sizes and industries.

Our team have varying skill sets and knowledge, but we work hard to find those with cross-platform experience.  We believe while they may not be an expert in all areas, this cross-platform experience keeps them a step ahead of everyone else in knowing how to better integrate various platforms and tools.

Our engineering consultants can assist you with:

  • Develop Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Network architecture and design
  • Systems architecture and design
  • Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Integration Service Frameworks.
  • Develop Solutions | Frameworks
  • Knowledge Management
  • Support | Enhancement
  • IT Security