PT. Jabikha Teknologi Indonesia has developed numerous Multilevel/Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries. Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications and financial services. It is designed to take care of all the multilevel marketing chain and its coherency with accounting activities.

Multi-Level Marketing, a hierarchical marketing system in which the goal of sales persons is not only to buy and sell the product in question, but also to recruit others to buy and sell the product in question, who will in turn recruit others up to infinite no. Each salesperson receives a portion of the entrance fee paid by his/her recruits, and a portion of the profits earned by all salespersons below him/her in the sales chain. This is also called as multilevel marketing, multi-level marketing, matrix marketing, network marketing etc.

MLM software is so specialized that it is not possible for any software fits all MLM projects/requirements. So we customize all MLM software (Binary or Trinary) to match each client’s needs. Our software suite helps you to streamline all your efforts without any trouble. Our MLM Application describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts. This allows you to track your customer, as well as organize the reports of sales, revenue and profit.

General Features

  • Create / Edit Profiles
  • Record / View Transactions
  • View User Summaries
  • Alert Notices / Reminders
  • Change Commissions
  • Advanced Transaction Reporting Tools
  • Enrollment of Distributor / Stockiest Online
  • Distributor real-Time Genealogy Reports
  • Distributor Web Base Income Reports
  • Distributor Down line Tracking Report
  • Commission Tracking for Stockiest / Distributor
  • Distributor Sales Tracking (Real-Time)
  • Multiple Product Pricing – Selling Price based on individual countries currency
  • Online Products ordering for Distributor, Stockist, branches and HQ
  • Inventory Control for HQ / Branches / Stockist
  • Security control
  • System Administration and Management Control
  • Real-time Stockist / Branches Inventory Monitoring
  • Real-Time Stockist / Branches Sales Monitoring
  • Online Management and Distributor Business Report
  • Graphical View of Down-line (Binary or Trinary).
  • SMS System (Optional)
  • Payment Gateways – Credit Card verification (Optional)
  • Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet) – Virtual Current Account