Information Technology Solutions, Security, and Management for your Business

Businesses world-wide have an increased reliance on information technology. Employees now have access to company data 24×7 from mobile devices. This increased availability of information increases the challenge for managing and securing data. What’s more, even when securing the data itself, the challenge of educating employees also requires attention. We work with our clients not only to provide proactive information technology management, but also in working with our client’s staff to provide education in how to properly handle our client’s information.

IT Managed Services is our practice center which responsibility is to ensure the customer to more focus on their core business development and help achieve significant operational cost-efficiency by assisting or providing the outsourcing part of the processes of corporate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) administrative tasks.

Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) services provide to start-ups and other high-growth organizations the technology planning and management expertise required to build and execute a technology-based business plan.

Benefits of a Virtual CTO.

  • High level, on-demand technical advice.
  • You keep up to date with changing technology and its potential within your organization.
  • Assistance making decisions on how to configure and position your tech stack.
  • Access to resources and expert contractors to complete specialized tasks.
  • Reliable, tried and tested solutions: a Virtual CTO has experience implementing a wide range of business solutions.

When using Our Managed Information Technology Services, our clients achieve the following:

Continuous monitoring and management with proactive response to information technology issues.

Increased business efficiencies through integration of best practices for technology use and management.

Long-term planning and technology planning designed to enhance business efficiencies and reduce risk in mission critical environments.

Increased security with a continuous focus on protecting our client’s data and educating our client’s on best practices for managing confidential information.

Reduced operating costs by allowing Our team to focus on supporting your infrastructure, so your staff can focus on advancing business growth.

IT Managed Services, with more than hundreds of experienced and skilled technical support engineers, offers the following:

  • Remote support services.
  • On site support services.
  • Customer response center (24×7 helpdesk).

and some of the services we deliver are:

  • Managed infrastructure as a service.
  • Managed desktop services.
  • Hardware maintenance.
  • Data center operation facility management.
  • Operating system, database and application maintenance.
  • System roll-out.
  • System and database migration.
  • System and database tuning, backup and recovery.
  • IT help desk.
  • Server system management.
  • Network management and monitoring.
  • Field engineering and deployment services.

To ensure fast response and deliver best quality services to customers, Our IT Managed Services’ Technical Support Engineers have been using ITIL/ITSM standard best practice framework and equipped with modern support facilities such as dedicated hotline, high speed communication channel and internet broadband, IP telephone and video conference, online helpdesk support software, high security access room, troubleshooting software, support & troubleshooting template, hardware workshop and warehouse.