Jabikha IPTV Technology brings top-level entertainment, x-sell opportunities and state-of-art guest services for your hospitality business. Starting from crystal clear HD TV channels reception, through fully customizable guest services user interface on your screen to modern on-demand movies, TV archive, internet services access, guest media player, local touristic information service and many more. Easy to use reception interface for guest requests management. Quick setup in hotel of any size for standalone operation or full integration with hotel information systems.

Top Features:

  • Crystal clear HD TV channels
  • Welcome screen
  • Hotel bill, Food ordering, Messages and more
  • On-demand movies
  • Content Management System
  • Internet apps + Media player
  • Quick setup
  • In-room wifi

Guest Internet Services Management

Fully integrated with hotel PMS and IPTV Hospitality Internet Services Management covers all needs of all kinds of your guests – from one-day conference visitors, through families on holidays to long-term apartment users. Plenty of billing choices – per time/per data consumption/per date period/free vouchers or completely free system. Both cable and wireless internet distribution in-room and on-premises supported. Internet users welcome screens customizable to serve your up-sell and cross-sell needs interconnected with TV screen content offerings.

End-To-End IPTV for Your Property

- High-Definition TV, latest entertainment options, top guest experience.

IPTV Hospitality delivers easy to set-up turnkey head-end and room premises equipment for live TV integrated with all premises related services and entertainment options. Using HD set-top boxes you can be sure about future-proof media solution fulfilling highest guest expectations.

- All Guest Services on TV screen

IPTV Hospitality brings all your hospitality offers on your guests TV Screen. 24/7 available, easy understandable multi language interface increases the chance to sell your food service, relaxation, sightseeing and business guest products. All easy to setup and modify without any need of complicated coding or development.

- Top-Notch Fun Features

Perfect to keep your guest entertained any time of the day. Latest HD movies, local sightseeing information, or using DLNA media player to share hotel entertainment database or guests USB storage to allow them to view latest pictures from the busy day spent on attractions. Instant access to
web browser and most viewed apps – youtube, facebook, etc.

- Reception User Interface

All guest requests and messages are easily collected and managed directly from reception desk and/or other hotel departments using unified user interface.

- Content Management System and Integration

Feature-rich CMS allows the hotel to bring all new guest offers and services to the TV screens instantly – without expensive technical support or development – from new room service options, through special promotions to 3rd party offers. Nothing is easier than to add or remove menus, sub menus and specific items, all ready within minutes to give you enough time to spend time with your guests not with technology.