This solutions utilize the fiber cable network (Fiber Optic) as the primary media delivery services to customers. Greater capacity and network quality is much better to be the main reason the service is ideal for customers who want the best quality of services to support its critical business activities such as financial applications, online database applications, SAP applications and other online applications. With the system architecture of the ring (circular), the failure rate is very small network, with up to 99% service guarantee. Fiber Optic Network is also believed to be the most perfect medium in the distribution of data services and voice / image (voice / video).

With scalable, secure Ethernet data services from us, and 24/7 dedicated national and local support, you can connect with your customers, suppliers, and remote sites – easily, efficiently and affordably.

Regardless of how complex your Ethernet network needs are, we have fiber optic solution designed to help keep your business applications running smoothly and everyone in your organization connected with one robust and secure network.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

  • Simple, reliable and flexible enhanced fiber optic service that provides high bandwidth and helps increase efficiencies.

Ethernet Network Service

  • Cost-effective alternate to traditional hub and spoke network topologies.
  • Flexible and scalable fiber optic network solutions.

Ethernet Private Line

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection between two sites.
  • Scalable speeds using a low cost interface.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

  • Dedicated point-to-multiple-point connections between locations.
  • Single physical connection to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for multiple virtual connections.