Are you looking for a stress-free method to convert your documents to image format? We provide a large collection of document scanning services and help you to improve your business production. Our document scanning services including data entry, data conversion, data processing, data capture, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR) and document imaging systems.

Document scanning services optically scans printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. We are the providers of high quality document scanning services at low cost.

The customers do not need to be worried of how to take care of this conversion process form paper to electronic, since we will carry out all the necessary jobs for them.

The customer will receive their converted paper document results either in the form of image files (TIFF, GIf, JPEG, PDF) in structured virtual folders, or a Ready-to-Use Document Management System along with the converted documents inside.

We offer 2 types of level of services to our customers so they can choose which best fit to their current needs as follows:

I. Basic Conversion
Covers the following services:

  • Document Classification & Consultation.
  • Document Scanning, File Naming, Storing & Organizing digital documents.

Note :
1. Documents should be in good condition for being scanned.
2. Excludes any unbinding & rebinding services.

II. Total Document Management Solution
Covers the following services :

  • All services in Basic Conversion.
  • Document Indexing Service.
  • Document Management System ( includes Installation and Setup ).
  • User and Administrator Training.