Jabikha Digital Signage is a powerful Digital Signage content management system and suite of signage players.

Jabikha Digital Signage is a digital signage solution and is a suite of applications, including a:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Windows Display Client
  • Android Display Client (Commercial Software*)
  • With Jabikha the content is designed from anywhere using a web browser on the internet accessible CMS, scheduled to your Display clients and then downloaded automatically when appropriate. This manual will guide you through the application from installation to troubleshooting, from the CMS to the display clients.
  • Commercial software provided by the project sponsors.

Digital Signage is a form of delivering information through electronic (dynamic) display media. By using LCD, plasma or LED technology, which is increasingly sophisticated and affordable, coupled with ease of use, has made Digital Signage a trend of delivering information in various parts of the world. Both are used simply to convey one-way information (giving information to the public) or two-way information (giving information to and from the public) by utilizing interactive technology.

Standing Touch Screen Kiosk, Digital Signage With Computer & Wi-Fi Information Kiosk


Floor Standing Android Advertising Players 32″ to 86″


Floor Standing Built in PC Non Touch Screen / With Touch Screen


KIOSK 42“ Touch Screen / Customized Frame


Self Terminal Touch Screen