PT. Jabikha Teknologi Indonesia Offers world class facilities and connectivity to ensure a reliable operational environment for your mission critical server. Strategically located in Cyber Building 1, Our Data Center is a Tier 3 design  data center providing the very best equipped and protected data center facilities powered by Liebert Emerson for  Uninterruptible Power Supplies, The Liebert PEX for  precision air conditioning system, Huber+Suhner for Fiber optic connectivity solution, Panduit for Cooper connectivity solution, Tyco HYGOOD for FM200 Fire Suppression System, and  Juniper for active network device.

In Our Data Center, you’ll find data center that offer industry-leading levels of availability, security, scalability, flexibility and reliability to ensuring your mission-critical server and network equipments remain protected and connected always.

We provide facilities and services in order to put the Data Center computer systems, telecommunications and data storage related components and supports all functions that enable a variety of business models runs on Internet, intranet, and both. Facilities and Data Center services that we provide to customers include:

Availability; provide ongoing operations and continuously for a company both in normal circumstances and in circumstances means the occurrence of any damage or not. The data center is best to approach the zero-failure for all the components and we also provide disaster recovery services for customers.

Scalability and Flexibility; that is able to adapt to the growing needs of fast or when the new service to be provided by the data center without making significant changes to the data center and disaster recovery center we as a whole.

Security; Our Data Center has a security management system that controls access of the data center and surrounding buildings. Using visitor management software that is supplied with access card and CCTV are mounted on every corner of our facilities to aid the surveillance system as well as our professional security guards with 24×7 operation.

Corporate Governance Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center include:

  • Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Standard Maintenance Procedure.
  • Recovery Plan and Disaster Mitigation Standard.
  • Business Continuity Assurance Standard.

Customer Critical Key Consideration:

  • Tier-3
  • Multiple Access Control Security Level
  • N+1 Full Protected Power Reliability
  • Provide AC and DC power (220V AC and 48V DC)
  • N+1 Full Protected Precisions H VAC Systems
  • Efficiency of Data Center Cooling System with Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment System.
  • Fire Detection and Suppression FM200 Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA)
  • Open Connectivity and Neutral Carrier Data Center


  • Jakarta, Cyber Building, Jl.Kuningan Barat No.8 Jakarta Selatan 12710
  • Serang, Jl. Kolektor Sekunder No. 43, Serang Timur, Serang, Banten.
  • Bandung, Perum. Bukit Hijau Kav 1 No. 1, Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Bandung Utara, Jawa Barat.
  • Semarang, Taman Industri BSB Blok C2 No. 2, Jatibarang, Mijen, Semarang
  • Yogyakarta, Jl. Ring Road Barat No. 12, Demak Ijo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
  • Surabaya, Intiland Tower, Jl. Panglima Sudirman 101-103 Surabaya – 60271
  • Palu, Jl. Elang No. 18, Birobuli Utara, Palu Selatan, Sulawesi Tengah.
  • Kendari, Jl. Bunga Tanjung No. 45, Tipulu, Kendari, Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara.


We implement the hot-air  or cold-air containment to improve the predictability and efficiency over traditional data center cooling systems.

  • Powered By  Liebert Emerson Global PEX with digital scroll technology and Dual Cooled System (Air & Chilled Water )
  • Providing enhanced temperature stability at  21o C  ±  1o
  • Humidity  50% ±  10%

Efficiency benefits of  containment :

  • Life extension of server and network equipment
  • Elimination of hot spots.
  • Cooling systems can be set to a higher supply temperature (thereby saving energy and increasing cooling capacity) and still supply the load with safe operating temperatures.
  • Our data centers provide a full protected N + 1 UPS to maximize uptime availability and reliability power by Liebert Emerson Hi pulse UPS
  • 30 minute backup bank battery in full load capacity
  • Provide AC and DC power in various configuration of amperage and voltage.
Fire Control System
  • FM 200 gas automated fire extinguishing system
  • Full dual circuit detection (photo-electric and ionized)
  • Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA)
Security Access System
  • First tier check in : professional security verification with photo and card id
  • Second tier : Door Access #1 ( guest card reader )
  • Third tier : Door Access #2 (NOC card reader )
  • Fourth tier : Containment door access ( NOC card reader )
  • Fifth tier : escort to rack server ( NOC manual key )
  • Offering a neutral carrier facility with multiple exchanges (OpenIX, IIX, MCSIX, IIX 2, GIX), local and international network carriers.
  • Cooper Connectivity Certified Panduit Cable System
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity Certified Swiss Huber Suhner Cable Management
  • Every Cable of connectivity has Fluke Analyzer Certification
  • Top Of the Rack Architecture Design
Rack Cabinet Collocation
  • Full Closed Rack Cabinet Collocation 45 U / 20 U
  • Perforated Rack Server Emerson Knurr F-Series
  • Power Capacity 10 Ampere with Full UPS & Genset Backup
  • Port Ethernet 1 Gigabits 10/100/1000Mbps Certified By Panduit
  • 4 port Fiber Optic Single Mode Patch Cord Ready Supported By Huber+Suhner
  • Up time service level of availability 99.99%
Cross Connect
  1. Certified Cabling infrastructure Using Fluke Cable Analyzer Tool
  2. Installed by Certified Technician from Panduit and Huber+Suhner
  3. Guarantee Delivery Installation Time for Request Cross Connect  below 3 hours
  4. Separate trays for fiber and copper-based cable, Available Services Selection :
  • Cross Connect Fiber Optic with affordable yearly charges
  • Cross Connect UTP with affordable yearly charges
  • Request Port Fiber Optic (OTC)
  • Request Port UTP Cat 6 (OTC)