Corporate data contain crucial proprietary knowledge and operational processes of the organization. Hence, aside from ongoing day-to-day data retrieval, these information needs to be timely and securely backed up, where important corporate data is stored as permanent intellectual property of the company and are made readily accessible and recoverable at any point of time.

Any organization is unfortunately not immune from the possibility of both internal and external corporate disaster. In order to protect the business from such interruption, they need a reliable Backup and Recovery infrastructure behind them. To address this need, we aim to provide its clients with a solution that best suits their corporate structure and latent requirements. In collaboration with Our IT engineers, you can expect these solutions:

  • Managed Onsite Backup – Backup data is stored into a disk then to tape on the customer’s local backup server

  • Offsite Backup – Backup data is stored into disk for local access, then to Our Data Centre or a secure customer-selected location with built-in redundancy measures.

  • Hosted Disaster Recovery – In the event of corporate disaster, we restore customer server backups to virtual servers in the data center. These backup data are accessible by customers via a remote access solution supplied by us (e.g. VPN, Terminal Services). We can also build a Virtual Desktop Solution where necessary.

Disaster Recovery plays a pivotal role where the business’ survival depends on its stored core corporate data. We understand this increasing demand in the IT industry for instantaneous file and data (server) recovery; hence it has teamed up with leading some vendors with its most reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.