A command center (sometimes also referred to as a control room) is an important concept to understand for facilities that employ audio-visual setups of any size, and it’s of particular importance for facilities and organizations that require unified control over multiple audio-visual setups. While the form of these hubs vary from one facility and setup to the next, what they have in common is a consistent purpose: they act as a nerve center for the myriad of audio-visual equipment activities of a facility.

With a skillfully constructed and maintained control room, an audio-video crew can easily oversee connected setups, sharing integrated resources and providing the control that crews need to get their jobs done efficiently. Whether it’s for a large concert, security, or any other organizational need, having a centralized place to monitor activities and equipment is crucial. Following is a brief overview of what a command center is and why it’s important for every facility that uses audio-video setups.

Robust and multipurpose solutions built for use in secure, mission-critical environments, such as command & control, integrated operations centers, security & network operations centers, emergency and crisis management rooms.

Jabikha Multimedia solutions are designed for 24/7 environments such as emergency centers, crisis management rooms, and operations centers. With a consistent system architecture and around-the-clock support, The control rooms let you focus on solving critical challenges, enable more powerful decision-making and improve supreme situational awareness.