The ATM Enviro Sensors includes the first complete line of Plug and Play sensors for environment monitoring.  Sensors are available to door, power, heat and light  also measure humidity, temperature and presence of water. Creating a made-to-order monitoring system with ATM Enviro sensors can preempt damage to equipment and facilities and also reduce costly system downtime and maintenance in mission-critical environments such as kiosks, ATMs, server rooms, warehouses and data centers.

ATM Enviro Manager software, included with each sensor, provides centralized device status, supports data logging to preserve historical information and enables the easy integration of multiple sensors without additional software development. For remote monitoring applications, ATM Enviro Manager can provide alerts via email, pager and computer screen, or send an event trigger to an external application.

The application possibilities are almost endless. Monitor temperature and humidity levels in a server room / ATM Room; detect the presence of water in an ATM, activities in an ATM Room, Remote Restart an ATM. For added flexibility, multiple ATM Enviro sensors may be configured, customized and remotely monitored on an IP network with Anywhere.

PT. Jabikha Teknologi Indonesia makes device networking easy by developing products and technologies that are cost-effective and easy to use.

ATM Enviro Sensors Device Specification:
1. Voltage Range 9 – 36 Volt.
2. Internal GSM Antenna.

1. Door Sensor
2. Temperature and Humidity Detector
3. Water Leak Detector
4. Power Sensor
5. Remote Restart ATM
6. Heat Sensor
7. Light Sensor

Integrated with:
1. Alarm System
2. CCTV Camera Alarm System